3/28/23 – As you may aware, currently we are in transition process from old condo board to new condo board management. Unfortunately, this process was more complicated and difficult that I thought initially. As of now, we are about to complete this transition and waiting Premier Property Management to complete their final part. Furthermore, Premier Property Management is no longer handling our property. It was their decision to quit. Unfortunately, until the transition from past to current board management completes, New Board cannot able to conduct any condo business including but not limited to hiring new Property Management Company. On the other hand, we still continue trash removal, snow cleaning and building cleaning without any delay.

So, what is next? Once the transition completes 100%, I will solicit a scope of work for hiring Property Management and collect quotes from various companies. New Board will pick one of the suitable Property Management Company, and continue to tackle problems such as Roofing, Gutter Cleaning and overall improvements in our building. We may update new mailing address for Condo Maintenance Fee but till we have proper Condo Property Managers, above address is valid. I would like to remind that, there is a penalty for being late for Condo Fee, and it is for your best interest to send monthly fee on time. We will take action against owners who are not following Condo Bylaws and Condo Rules and Regulations! There are no exceptions! If you have specific questions or comments, please use CONTACT PAGE to reach me.

Finally, I will state here that I will be transparent as much as I can including Condo Financials, Budget and other important details. Due to the privacy rules, we cannot reveal any specific information regarding the single unit but I will give overall snapshots. We are here to serve for our friends, neighbors, our families here in this building, nothing more! My families wellbeing is as important as all other families wellbeing in the building, and this is why I volunteer for Condo Board. So if you have a specific question, please use contact page to reach out. Thank you for your time reading this announcement.






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