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With this website, I will share valuable information about Condo Association. This website might be helpful to share events, news and announcement about our building.

In addition, this website has contact and condo document page, where anyone can ask question about Condo Business and read/have common information such as Condo Bylaws. We want all members to obey Condo Bylaws.

I want to emphasize here that Currently we have only two members in our board of directors and we are doing our duty free of charge; volunteer for the management. We have families and limited time to deal with minor concerns. Please use contact page to email us your concerns, questions, inquiries. Thank You.

Current Events:

Dear Long Manor Owner Residents, 6/6/24

We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to inform you about an upcoming change to the monthly maintenance fees that are essential for the upkeep and essential payments of our building. After careful consideration and review of our annual budgets, we find it necessary to adjust the monthly condo maintenance fees.

Effective 7/1/24, the monthly maintenance fee will be increased by $20. This adjustment is directly related to the increase in our condo insurance costs for the upcoming year.

To provide some context, our prior annual condo insurance fee was $11,000. This year, the premium has risen to $14,360, which includes Workers Compensation insurance, a necessary addition to ensure that all working personnel on our property are adequately protected. This represents a significant increase in our insurance costs, which directly impacts our overall budget.

Below is the explanation of the insurance increase by Insurer

While the insurance industry continues to experience significant headwinds due to catastrophic losses, the cost of reinsurance and the impact of inflation on rebuilding costs, we are hopeful that we will see some moderation in future renewal pricing.  Insurance companies have reacted by increasing rates, deductibles, tightening underwriting guidelines, and/or by simply pulling out of the marketplace.

 As your agent we work hard to ensure that you are being offered the most competitive terms available from the leading insurance companies in the marketplace. Renewal terms offered reflect your loss experience in addition to the exposures that are unique to your association. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your insurance needs and are available in person or via teleconference to answer any questions.

The decision to raise the maintenance fee was not made lightly. The board has extensively reviewed all financial avenues and concluded that this increase is essential to cover the enhanced insurance expenses without compromising the safety and well-living standards of our community.

We understand that any increase in costs can be a concern, and we remain committed to transparency and open communication.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website https://www.50longmanorcondoct.org

Thank You

Ucar – Condo President


Important Announcement:

Important Vote on Condo Security Amendment
Read Proposed Amendment: Necessity of Video Surveillance at Garage/Parking Area and Main Entrance
Date: 4/14/2024 | Time: 1pm | Location: Via Zoom

Read Meeting Minutes: Meeting-Minutes-4-14-24.pdf

We are going to have a budget discussion meeting on February 11, 2024 at 1:30pm. It will be conducted via Google Meet. Follow the link below to join.


Here is the Agenda:

1- Explanation of Budget Line Items (20 Min)

2- Discussion on Budget Proposal (20 Min)

3- General Discussion and Q/A (20 Min)

As always, anyone can reach out to Condo Board by using Contact Page of this Website.

Thank You

  • Transfer has been completed

    Dear Condo Members, As of 5/15/23, the condo transfer to new management has been completed. There was a lack of management during last two months but from now on, we are expecting you to send you condo fee’s un-interrupted. We will create a panel where we put our condo business . If you have any…

  • 3/8/23

    3/28/23 – As you may aware, currently we are in transition process from old condo board to new condo board management. Unfortunately, this process was more complicated and difficult that I thought initially. As of now, we are about to complete this transition and waiting Premier Property Management to complete their final part. Furthermore, Premier…




  1. PARKING- Parking in the lot is for residents only. Unassigned spaces are ONLY for use by residents with 2 cars on a “first come” basis. Maximum of 2 cars per unit allowance. Carport spaces is head in parking only. All registrations must be listed with Long Manor Association including make and license plate number. All changes, new car, license plate number, car rentals, loaners, etc. must be reported BEFORE they may be parked in the lot. Do not park in any assigned space other than your own. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.
  • TASH REMOVAL- trash removal is the responsibility of each resident. Trash carts are to be placed curb side every Tuesday P.M. for the trash company to empty Wednesday A.M. To avoid pests and odors and to comply with City Ordinance all trash must be in a proper trash bags and bags must be tightly closed by a twist tie or knotted handles. The blue bins are for recycles only. No Styrofoam or trash is to be discarded in the recycle bins.  Large bulk items that do not fit in the trash cart may be placed curbside ONLY AFTER CALLED INTO CWPM trash company 860-793-6721 to schedule pick up.
  • BALCONIES- No trash or laundry may be placed on the balconies or balcony railings at any time. No trash receptacles, recycle pails, mops, brooms etc. are to be stored on balconies. No shaking of mops or rugs over balcony railings.
  • Car Repairs – No car repairs or maintenance is to be performed on property except for necessary emergencies for example a flat tire or non-starting engine.
  • Alcoholic Beverages- No alcohol is allowed to be consumed outside of units.
  • Dogs- No dogs larger than 20” at the shoulder are allowed. Dogs must be kept leashed at all times inside common areas and outside on the property per CT state law. Dog droppings must always be picked up immediately. All dogs must be registered with the

Condominium Association. Condo Owners may set pet policies for their tenants but must be within the Bylaw limitations.

  • Smoking – Smoking is not permitted in hallways or stairways.
  • Littering – Littering is not allowed, please dispose of trash in correct manner including cigarette butts on the property grounds, hallways, stairwell…. PLEASE do not flick cigarette butts off the balconies.
  • Loud Boisterous Behavior- Running in hallways or stairwells is not permitted. Please do not slam doors. Parents please supervise your child/ren when coming and going. Audio, radios or TV shall be kept at a normal range level so as not to disturb neighbors at all times. Please try to refrain from using appliances after 9:00 P.M. or before 9:00 A.M. especially with the washers and dryers.
  1. Security Doors – They are to remain locked at all times with the exception of loading or unloading. Do not place anything in the door to prevent it from locking. This is for everyone’s protection.

It is your responsibility to inform your visitors of these rules and to insure their compliance. It is important to realize that most, if not all, of these rules relate to necessary courtesy needed in order to live together in a clean and quiet building. Everyone’s attention to these rules will better enable all to enjoy their residency at Long Manor.

Please retain for future reference. Thank You for your cooperation.

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